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Taizhou Longteng Transfer equipment factor(formerly Jiangyan Longteng hydraulic machinery factory)

Thermal equipment professional manufacturers, has many years of production history, strong technical force,

I plant to help design and installation, to provide users with the required parameters.

The hydraulic, hydraulic, lubrication system and heat exchange cooling system in the plastics industry.



QA,Safety stability
Raw materials are produced by the factory, from the source to control the quality of any one of the products of the material
Compact , Transfer
Dragon plate heat exchanger in the unit working volume, can accommodate a larger heat transfer area,The heat transfer coefficient can reach 7500W/m2.K。
Flexible ,Convenient
In the process of production, the number of plates can be increased or decreased by changing the process conditions or changing the output,In the same equipment can also be a combination of: preheating, heating, cooling and heat recovery
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ADD:Advanced industrial park, Jiangyan District, Taizhou, Jiangsu


FAX:0523- 88699068

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